Moving towards the mission of 100 percent electrification, Indian Railways (IR) has touched another milestone. The North Central Railway (NCR) is now 100 percent electrified, informed the Ministry of Railways on Friday.

Indian Railways is working to become the largest Green Railways in the world and is moving towards becoming a “net zero carbon emitter” before 2030. 

Advantages of Electrification in Railway

  • Electrification of Indian Railways is promoting the theme of green railway services. It will provide an excellent energy source as an alternative to fossil fuels to ensure an environment-friendly, pollution-free, and energy-efficient mode of transport. 
  • It will reduce the dependency of the nation on Petroleum-based energy. 
  • More heavy passengers and freight trains can run on the railway line. 
  • An electric traction system is less pollutant and reduces noise and air pollution. It will benefit flora and fauna.
  • It will lead to sustainable development by reducing carbon emissions. 
  • The electrification has employed over 5.5 lakh people. 
  • It is expected that after post-electrification, Railways will save 1,45,666 crore Indian rupees. 
  • Electric locomotives have a long life, are cheaper, faster, and less complex. 
  • With Electrification, Railway has also introduced optical fibre technology that will smooth the communication between guard and loco pilot. 


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